FT-IR spectroscopy

Thermo Scientific Nicolet 6700 FT-IR Spectrometer
Nicolet™ iN™ 10 MX FT-IR Microscope


Keyence VHX-1000 Digital Microscope (100x – 1000x)
Light and transmitted light
Accessories: pole filter, swivel table (viewing at up to 90° angle), motor for fine 3D display and depth of field

UV / Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy

Varian Cary 100 UV / Vis spectrometer, temperature controlled sample changer
Varian Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrometer, temperature controlled sample changer

Dispersion and stability analysis

LUM Limisizer Dispersion Analyzer (Analytical Centrifuge) Temperature range: 4 – 60 °C

Quantification and sample analysis:

Shimadzu QP5050 Pyrolysis Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer
Shimadzu GC2010 Plus Gas Chromatograph with FID and WLD

Thermal analysis:

Netzsch F1 Phoenix DSC with liquid nitrogen cooling Temperature range: – 150 – 600 °C
Netzsch F1 Phoenix DSC with sample changer Temperature range: – 80 – 600 °C
Mettler Toledo DSC 30 Temperature range: RT – 550 °C
Netzsch F1 Iris TG Temperature range: 0 – 1000 °C
Mettler Toledo TG 50 Thermowaage Temperature range: RT – 1000 °C


Lauda DC 15 viscometer
Herzog HVM 482 fully automatic viscometer

Plastic characterization:

Shore hardness A and D
Impact strength


Anton Paar MCR 301 Rheometer
Anton Paar MCR 702 Rheometer

Accessories and equipment:

Peltier chamber for cone and plate measuring systems;
Temperature range: -40 – 200 °C
Electrical temperature control chamber for cone and plate measuring systems;
Temperature range: RT – 400 °C
Cylinder measuring systems / double gap; Temperature range: -20 – 200 ° C
DMTA device for solids
UV chamber with HI-Power LEDs (450 nm);
Different plate-plate systems and cone-plate measuring systems
Second motor for MCR 702 (counter-rotating and synchronous rotation)


Krüss BP2100 Pocket Dyne bladder pressure tester
Krüss K100C Tensiometer (ring and plate) Temperature range: -10 to 80 ° C
Krüss DSA 30 Drop Shape Analyzer (drop contour analysis, contact angle, surface energy)


Programmable heaters Temperature range: RT – 250 °C
Vacuum drying cabinet Temperature range: RT – 250 °C, vacuum up to 0.1 mbar
Climate control with control of temperature and humidity
Anton Paar DMA 4500 Density Meter Temperature range: 10 – 90 °C
Anton Paar Abbemat WR Refractometer Temperature range: 10 – 70 °C
Automatic boiling device (sieve diagrams)
IKA C200 combustion calorimeter
Adsorption apparatus BET method
Apparatus for gas solubility and vapor pressure measurement