UV / Vis Spectroscopy

In classical analytics, UV / Vis spectroscopy is one of the methods which covers a wide range of tasks. There are numerous standards and regulations for determining the concentration of a wide range of inorganic and organic substances. In addition, reaction kinetics of various reactions can often be determined by UV / Vis spectroscopy.

Due to the wide range of possible applications, the following provides some examples of the services we offer in the field of UV / Vis spectroscopy:

Determination of various substances by standard or house method
Determination of reaction kinetics of UV- / Vis- reactants / products
Determination of the polarity of oils or liquid substances by solvatochromy
Measurement of the concentration of elements by different color reactions
Determination of the formaldehyde content according to VDI 3484
Determination of the content during or after storage tests (eg active chlorine, total chlorine)
Determination of the reaction kinetics of reactions via absorption maxima in the UV / Vis range